Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 60 in, 2018.

Ruach No. 35

  • Each canvas painting is created from raw, unstretched canvas that is nailed into a wooden beam. D-rings are then attached to the back of the beam, allowing the painting to hang down from nails or hooks in a fashion similar to that of a tapestry. Note that paintings are not framed nor stretched!

  • רוּחַ (roo-akh) Literally translated as "breath," "spirit," or "wind" in the Hebrew.

    The Ruach Series is an ongoing collection of work that expresses various aspects and experiences on the topics of nature, God, and the human experience. While this body of work may seem abstract visually, each painting contains deep meaning via color, form, material, symbolism, and metaphor. Many pieces are based upon experiences in my own life and in the world around me. I believe that the ruach of God is what creates and sustains everyday life (including my artwork) and it's my hope that you experience awe and wonder as you behold this collection!​

    Paintings in this series are unstretched and unframed, embodying the very meaning of ruach. It is my hope that these paintings communicate rawness, vulnerability, and honesty: introspections on our lives as human beings and on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Each painting is also nailed into a wooden beam running along the top of the piece, allowing for it to hang down like a tapestry and to have a breath–or a ruach–of its own. This manner of hanging is likewise meant to be a celebratory and pensive reflection of the crucifixion of Jesus.