I believe that, if we let them, both art and story have the ability to inspire minds and hearts—they can allow for us to explore those uncharted places within ourselves and our world that are valuable beyond comprehension. They can allow us to transcend the tangible and truly see the intangible. Through the lens of color, form, metaphor, symbol, text, material, abstraction, and representation, my work speaks about events, people, and emotions that illustrate own life story and the stories found within each of our lives. Themes such as loss, trauma, identity, redemption, awe, love, and faith are woven together to create the tapestry that is life—the tapestry that testifies to the fact that perfect love casts out all fear.


2017- present

The Ruach Series is an ongoing collection of work that expresses various aspects and experiences on the topics of nature, God, and the human experience. While this body of work may seem abstract visually, each painting contains deep meaning via color, form, material, symbolism, and metaphor.



Each piece in the Agápe Series acts as a pillar that has held up the structure of how I have experienced agápe Love throughout the first two decades of my life. This collection explores personal memoir, pain and redemption, heartbreak and joy, biblical themes, the natural world, and the human experience.




I have come to understand kardia–the center of physical and spiritual life found within the heart–both through study of the Bible and through my own experience as a follower of Jesus. Each piece in the Kardia Series is an intimate, inner look at an aspect and an expression of the heart.



This series explores visual and emotional contrast. When we encounter difficulty, we can choose to walk through it with our heads down or with our heads up. This doesn’t mean that we won’t trip nor fall. But it does mean that we will learn, and will grow vertically, rising into victory after a process of stretching and growing.