feather portrait.jpg


I don't remember a time when I wasn't creating. To draw, to paint, to sculpt, to photograph, to write, to dream–these things have been at the core of who I was created to be from the very beginning. It's no wonder, then, that I ended up majoring in visual art while a student at Amherst College. The entirety of my undergraduate experience became the foundation for truly finding myself as an artist: I began exploring topics that deal with the human experience, I befriended incredible people from all walks of life who began to shape and re-shape my worldview, I realized that I felt the most alive while creating, and, most significantly, I became rooted in the Christian faith.


During my senior year of college, while developing my visual art thesis, I began to create artwork unlike any I'd ever created in my entire life. I began painting with a new process, which required my body, mind, and spirit to be working together, and I began to create art as worship to God. I'd never before produced any art that looked abstract, and yet, very suddenly, my work became almost exclusively so. Yet, I found that I could express concrete concepts through abstraction, and that I could actually do this more uniquely via the abstract than via the representational.



Ever since that breakthrough season of new process, I continue to pursue this body/mind/spirit method of creating. And oh, what a beautiful journey it has been! I continue to unearth more about myself, my faith, and the world around me as I develop my work, and it is my utmost hope that all who gaze upon my art enter into an experience that marks their lives forever.

And so, this is me:

A creation created to create.